Terms and conditions

By these general conditions of sale the rights and liabilities of the parties are defined in relation with the sales through www.itux.com / www.itux.ro sites.

They regulate all the necessary stages to make an order. These conditions are addressed to natural persons aged 18 who have the legal capacity to contract out and to legal persons. Ordering products in any of the following ways is your acceptance of ITUX terms and conditions, represented by CREATIVE EVENTS DRESSCODE SRL.

We reserve the right to amend at any moment these general sale conditions. In case of any amendment, they shall be applied to any order since its entry into force. iTUX.ro is represented by CREATIVE EVENTS DRESSCODE SRL., mail: office@itux.ro, phone: +40 799 990 444


The order can be registered on the site whether you signed in with your email address and password, using your account or introducing data for a “New Account”. You can place your order online using references for items from the offers on the site showing the seasonal offer. 
In general, the information relating to the availability of items is provided at the moment of placing the order. Exceptionally, it may happen that an item is temporarily unavailable after placing an order. In this case you will be informed by changing the status of your online order and the item of clothing will be automatically cancelled, while you will have to pay only for the item being shipped. 
The costs for the ITUX items on the site are expressed in the national currency, VTA included, without the shipment /delivery taxes. The shipment taxes will be displayed separately or, for orders higher than the minimum order value, will be zero. We have the right to change prices at any moment.


Our consultants and operators are available for you from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. For orders by phone call at the numbers on the site, but our recommendation is to place the orders online.

Orders placed on Friday after 5 p.m. and during Saturday and Sunday will be processed on Monday starting with 9 a.m.


Items can be paid:

 online payment by Mobil Pay on www.itux.ro

b) payment due by return, at parcel delivery by the delivery service.

You can choose the form of payment when you place the order by ticking one option. 


In order to take advantage of the promotional offers, you should calculate the discount for your order without combining it with other discounts. Discounts are made to the pro rata of every item. The final prices and cost shall be displayed in the final order as well as in the fiscal fee of your order.


Items are delivered at the address indicated when placing the order. Items shall be delivered by delivery service, in a parcel with payment due by return within 2 working days – depending on the existing stock of products. Delivery period varies according to item availability. Delivery delays cannot be prevented in case of force majeure.


If you are not satisfied with the items purchased from www.itux.ro and you want to cancel the order and get your money back, you can appeal to the procedure of item return within 14 days in accordance with the regulations of Government Order no. 130/2000 concerning consumer protection on conclusion and performance of distance contracts.

 The limit of 14 days specified for exercising this right shall start to run on the day of their reception by the customer. 
 The return right is only addressed to customers who purchased online products on the site www.itux.ro  the user is to fill in the Return Form (which can be printed from the section “Return Form”) and to properly pack the product /products. 
The customer has the right to terminate the distance agreement unilaterally within 14 days without penalties and without putting forward any plea. According to Order no. 130/2000, the consumer is liable for paying the expenses related to returning products to the seller. The right to renunciation does not apply in the case of legal persons. Repayment of sums shall be made in 30 days at the most after the termination of the agreement by the customer and the return of the product /products.

It is important to know that returning the product takes place on the customer’s account and he/she is charged with the costs of sending the parcel. There are no liabilities except for the return cost of the product.

For any details related to the return of the products or ambiguities concerning this issue, please contact us by email or at one of the phone numbers on www.itux.com


We inform you that we take all the necessary efforts to show you the colours of the items on our internet page as truly as possible. The arising differences in colours are due to technical support on which colours are represented. Te shade of the colour you see depends on the technical specifications of the monitor used or of the products and equipments used for printing. 
We ask you to contact us by email at office@itux.ro in case the ordered item displays a different colour. 


In conformity with the provisions of art.12 from Law no. 677/2001, as data subject we inform you that:

  1. a) the operator’s identity is CREATIVE EVENTS DRESSCODE SRL.
  2. b) your data are processed in order to achieve the activity of the company CREATIVE EVENTS DRESSCODE SRL. and for advertising, marketing, and publicity
  3. c) as data subject in accordance with provisions of art. 12-15 of Law no. 677/2001 you have to right of access, intervention and opposition to these data under the circumstances provided by law. 


www.itux.ro undertakes to respect strictly the confidentiality of customer data and not to give their personal data to third parties, except for the delivery company in order to deliver the products and the company accepting the payment card.

Data required on this site are necessary for the billing, payment and delivery processes, namely: surname, first name, phone number, address and email. All the documents and information of any kind provided by the www.itux.ro customers remain the property of CREATIVE EVENTS DRESSCODE SRL.


All the brands, texts, comments, bibliography in the field, pictures and photos on www.itux.ro are protected under the copyright, brand, patent and image right. They are the ownership of www.itux.ro.
Any reproduction or representation, total or partial is considered plagiarism and its author shall be taking civil and penal responsibility before authorities in the case where there is no written consent in this respect,  issued by CREATIVE EVENTS DRESSCODE SRL.